Main Course

Chicken rice

Cooking instructions: 

Make a good stock with the chicken giblets, including the neck, the wings and the legs.

Quarter the chickens and marinate them in the crushed garlic and the lemon, Seville orange or grapefruit juice.

Heat the oil and brown the chicken quarters in it, then add the finely chopped onion and pepper, the tomato sauce (or the fresh tomatoes seedless and also finely chopped), the liquid from the tinned peppers, green peas and asparagus (grossly this shouldn't exceed 1 cup), the salt, the pepper, the bay leaf and the saffron or annatto to color it up; pour the stock and the wine in.

When it all comes to a boil, lower the heat and when the chickens are a little tender, add the rice after rinsing it if necessary.

Keep it covered and simmering until the grains are open and the rice is soft, but not altogether dry.

Add the green peas, garnish with peppers and asparagus and serve immediately.

Ropa Vieja (Hash)

Cooking instructions: 

Shred the meat. Slice the onion into thin rings and the pepper into julienne strips.

Crush the garlic and saute in hot oil with the onion; add the pepper and saute for a while. Add the meat and the remaining ingredients. Cook covered over low heat for 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent from sticking.

You can add the sweet red pepper ground or as garnish.

Lechón (piglet) creole (Lechón a la criolla)

Cooking instructions: 

Crush the garlic along with the dry spices until the mix becomes almost a paste. Add the onion chopped or sliced into thin rings and the Seville orange or grapefruit juice.

Coat the piglet in this marinade, preferably on the inside. Pierce with a knife in several places to allow the seasoning to go in deeply.

Bake at medium temperature (350ºF o 176ºC).

In an outdoor grill, the piglet is always placed with the chest up, but almost at the end it is turned to be evenly roasted.

Squids in ink (calamares en su tinta)

Cooking instructions: 

Clean the squids and set aside the little bags of ink. Slice the squids including the tentacles.

Saute in hot oil. Add the ingredients of the sauce one at a time: garlic, onion, pepper and parsley. Then add the tomato, the wine, the salt and the ground pepper. Crush the bags of ink in a mortar and mix with some of the sauce; add this mixture to the rest of the sauce. Cook over low heat for about ½ an hour.

If you want to thicken the sauce, you can use some breadcrumbs. At the time of serving, add 2 or 3 tablespoonfuls of finely chopped parsley and more crushed garlic or chopped onion, if desired.

Meat with potatoes (carne con papas)

Cooking instructions: 

Chop the meat into 5 or 6 cm. cubes and brown it in hot oil or lard.

Add the salt, the paprika, the pepper and the chopped onion, stir and add the crushed cloves of garlic. After having added the spices cook for 2 or 3 minutes.

Toss in the seedless chopped pepper and tomatoes (or tomato sauce).

Cook for another 5 minutes. Add the wine and the water or stock and when the meat is kind of tender, add the potatoes, peeled and cubed, the raisins, the olives and the capers.

Keep cooking until both the meat and the potatoes are tender.