First Course

Green corn stew (Guiso de maíz tierno)

Cooking instructions: 

Chop the ham in small pieces and stir fry with the chopped onion, pepper and garlic. Add the tomato sauce, the sausage, the salt, the ground pepper, the water and the potatoes. When the potatoes begin to soften, add the pumpkin and the corn. Let it simmer for approx. 3 minutes. If you are using corncobs, cut them into thin round slices or separate the grains from the cobs.

Shrimp stew (Camarones enchilados)

Cooking instructions: 

Clean the shrimps and stir fry them in hot oil; when lightly browned, add the ground onion, the crushed garlic and the ground large pepper and sauté for a while.

Add the finely chopped parsley, the tinned sweet red peppers ground, with the water from the can, the tomato sauce, the ketchup, the bay leaf, the dry wine, the salt, the ground pepper and the soy and hot sauces.

Let it simmer for 25 to 30 minutes.

Roasted leg of pork Creole style (Pierna de cerdo adsada)

Cooking instructions: 

Skin the leg of pork and pierce deeply in several places with the knife's tip.

Crush the garlic with the salt, the oregano, the cumin, the pepper and add the Seville orange juice.

Coat the leg in this marinade and put some into the holes. Cover the leg with the onion rings and let it rest for at least 12 hours.

Roast at 325ºF for about 5 hours.

Black bean soup (frijoles negros)

Cooking instructions: 

Wash the beans and soak them in water with a pepper; when puffy, cook in that same water until tender.

Heat the oil and saute the chopped onion, the crushed garlic and the remaining pepper also chopped or ground; blend with a cup of the cooked beans and add the salt, the pepper, the oregano, the cumin, the bay leaf and the sugar. Boil the beans, after adding the seasoning, for another hour.

Afterwards add the vinegar and the dry wine and cook over low heat for one more hour.

At the time of serving stir in the two tablespoonfuls of olive oil.

Ajiaco Criollo

Cooking instructions: 

Chop the jerked beef in chunks and let it soak overnight. On the following morning drain it.

Put the soaked jerked beef and the half chicken chopped in half into a large pot. Let it boil for about an hour. Add the brisket, the boneless pork cut in pieces and the rib roast. Let it boil for approximately another hour. When the meats have been boiling for a while some of the fat must be taken out and the stock skimmed.

While the meats are being cooked make the sauce and peel the vegetables. When the meats are tender, add the vegetables in the order they appear on the ingredients list. At the same time add the sauce, so that everything is cooked at the same time. At the time of adding the ripe plantains also prepare the corn balls to put them in at the end.

Mix the ground corn with the salt, the milk and the lard in which two cloves of garlic have been sauted. Spoon this batter out. Drop the balls over the vegetables in the stock. Cover and let it simmer for approximately another hour. Don't stir it until the corn balls are thoroughly cooked.

To thicken the soup, mash two or three chunks of vegetables in some of the stock.