Green corn fritters (frituras de maíz tierno)

Cooking instructions: 

Blend the corn with the sugar, the salt and the beaten egg; add the aniseed slightly crushed.

Spoon this batter into hot oil and fry until golden brown.

Sandwich spread (pasta para bocaditos)

Cooking instructions: 

Combine all the ingredients and spread this mixture over soda crackers, toasts or buns.

Meat croquettes

Cooking instructions: 

Lightly sauté the finely chopped onion in the butter, add the milk mixed with the flour, the salt and the pepper.

Cook this sauce until it reaches a double cream thickness and it's possible to see the bottom of the pot when stirred with a spoon; remove it from the heat and add the dry wine or lemon and the meat stirring vigorously.

Let cool this thick paste and refrigerate for at least 2 hours.

Then take the paste by spoonfuls and shape it into croquettes, coat twice in beaten egg and breadcrumbs or ground crackers.

Leave the croquettes at room temperature for a while before deep frying until golden brown.

This recipe makes approx. 20 middle sized croquettes or 40 small ones for serving at parties or as appetizers.

Stuffed avocadoes (Aguacates rellenos)

Cooking instructions: 

Slice the avocadoes in half, remove the seed and the skin, cut a small slice from de bottom to stand them on the dish, prick them with a fork several times and dress them with salt, ground pepper, oil and vinegar.

Chop the lobster.

Mix the mayonnaise with the ketchup and the soy sauce. Pour the mixture over the lobster and stir until blended.

Add the green peas and stuff the avocado halves.

Garnish each half with the olives and the sweet red peppers cut in strips; serve over the lettuce leaves.